If I did not write anything about this able man, that means my job is not yet completed. Professor Babalola Borishade is from Usi Ekiti, a community in Ekiti State. Usi  Ekiti has being known as one of the political community in Ekiti State and in the (old Ondo state) even in Nigeria, back in the era of likes of Sheu Shagari,baba Adekunle Ajasin and the rest. Professor Borishade steps in the shoes of a political acumen of formal minister for  state of education chief Claudius Agboola  Bamgboye from Usi Ekiti. Chief Claudius Agboola Bambgoye was a former minister of state for Education during Shagari era.


Abraham Babalola Borishade was a Nigerian politician. Born into the ebi ilotin family in Usi Ekiti on March 7, 1946,  he was a federal minister in Nigeria four times, between 1999-2007. He was known as an electrical engineer, teacher and political strategist. In 1988, Borishade was elected as member of the constituent assembly,to receive the 1979 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. He along with a group of intellect usefully advocate for the creation of the Nigeria energy commission and the environmental protection commission which gave birth to the establishment of FEPA as a precursor to the present ministry of environment. Borishade was attracted and inspired by the disposition of General Sheu Yar’adua towards the establishment of bridges of understanding across the ethnic nationalities of the country as a prerequisite for  national coalition and development. He joined the generals effort in creating a movement called “the peoples front” which later gave birth to the formation of the peoples democratic movement (PDM), a political association that has remained dominant in the landscape of Nigerian politics. The PDM was in the forefront of the struggle to restore democracy to Nigeria and became a principal partner in the formation of Social Democratic Party created by the Babangida Military Administration. Prof. Borishade served as  director of research and planning for the defunct Society Democratic Party (S.D.P); Coordinator ( Administration) of M.K.O Abiola’s campaign; Director of Administration, Strategy and planning for the Obasanjo Campaign Organisation in 1999; and coordinator of the Election  Administration and Management Unity of the Obasanjo/ Atiku Campaign  Organisation in 2003. Prof. Borishade was appointed as senior special Assistant to president obasanjo in may 1999, initiating and convening the first youth forum in Abuja. He chaired the preparation of the national youth policy and the blueprint of the national poverty eradication programme (napep). Between February 2001 and May 2003, he served as the minister of education. In 2004 prof. Borishade was appointed as Honourable Minister of state,power and steel. He initiated the Gas to power project (G2P)’ a world Bank sponsored project designed to ensure sustained gas development and availability for power production to meet Nigerian electricity demands. Between July, 2005 and November 2006, prof. Borishade was Minister of Aviation, during which a civil Aviation Bill was passed to replace the 1964 Act and the direct flight between Nigeria and the United States of Ameriaca was restored. In November 2006, he was reassigned to the Federal Ministry of culture and Tourism as a Minister, a position he held till May, 2007 at the expiration of Olusegun Obasanjo and Atiku Abubakar tenure.


National Honour of commander of the order of the Federal Republic, CFR, IN recognition of his more than three decades of service to Nigeria.

Due to brief illness he died in an hospital in london on April 26, at the age of 71. His burial arrangement is as follows:
A day of tributes in memory of the late minister on July 4 at the Sheu Musa Yardua centre, Central Business District (CBD), Abuja from 2.00pm.
There will be a commendation service on July 4 at his residence, 108 Ebituukwe Street, Jabi, Abuja from 7p.m to 9p.m.
On Thursday , july 6, the funeral train will move to Usi Ekiti, Ekiti State, where the Age grade (elegbejegbe) parade will hold from 10a.m. late same day there will be a night of tribute by Egbe omo Usi at st . Andrews Primary school grounds from 7p.m to

On Friday, July 7, the christian wake keep will take place at the federal science and technical college, Usi Ekiti, at 7p.m.

The funeral and outing service will hold on july 8 at 10a.m at st. Andrews Cathederal( Aglican Communion) Ekiti- Oke Diocese, Usi Ekiti, Ekiti State, while interment will follow immediately.

Usians will missed you professor Babalola Borishade. Live on through son of Usi Ekiti! an icon per exellence.    

Writing by Oluwasina Alonge


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