Monday, 28 September 2015

The world tourism day was hosted yesterday 27th of september 2015 at the Bower tower Oke Are Ibadan.The theme of this year tourism day is'One milion of tourist,milions of opportunities,lecture delivered by (Mr Emmanuel Ayo Onunka).The event was witnessed by different dignitries,among the dignitries at the event are:Director of tourism,able represented by permanent secretary ministry of tourism Oyo State Mrs M.A Agboola,General Manager of tourism MrG.a Asaolu and wife,Director of culture ministry of tourism Oyo State. Mr G.A Alade,The Aare Isese Chief Omikunmi Ebgelade,Mrs Makinde,Dr Basiru Olanrewaju and oher stakeholders includes Hoteliers,travel and tours,Federation of tourism association of Nigeria,centre for sustainable development university of Ibadan and others. LECTURES IN BRIEF BY(Mr Emmanuel Ayo Onunka) Theme:One milion of tourist,milions of opportunities. In his speach he made mentioned that teh higher the population of a country the higher the opportunities,because everyone is a tourist.If its bilion population the is one bilion of tourist,bilions of opportunities.Tourism is life and one cannot do without tourism,is it hospitality sector,Aviation etc.He made claim that tourism is much of natural occurences than man made.He made mentioned further that if tourism is developed in acountry ir will add more to the G.D.P of the country,he made reference to caribean country that the country realise most of its income from tourism sector i.e 70% of their G.D.P is from tourism sector. He made mentione of 9 pillers of tourist,part of the pillers are: Security and safety of tourist,health,adventureactivities, Entrepreneurship,tourism infrasructure,the image of organisation e.t.c In conclusion,he employed the government of Oyo state to develop the tourist site in the state,p[art of the tourist site which needs to be develop are -the Ado-Awaye suspended lake in AdoAwaye(only suspended lake in Africa),Bower tower Oke Are Ibadan and the rest.He also commends the effort of the current government on the renovated Agodi Garden in Ibadan.

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