HISTORY BEHIND THE SITE.During the reign of King Aderokun Agunsoye in the formal settlement of Usi called Ipole. When war was about invading the area he rationalised that an escape was more honourable than confrontingan army feared to be large and with a reputation for atrocities.This would be fool hardiness resulting in defeat and enslavement. He thereafter sought spiritual guidance with a proof that the two lumps of pounded yam(Iyan)he was to start eating be turned into a stone,if the town would be subjugated by the impending attack.This omen was no sooner sought than provided in form of the immediate transformation of the two lumps of pounded yam into two lumps of stone.He then ordered his people to abandon Ipole for Oke-Uye, to the chargrin of the invading army when they found the settlement empty. Till today two lumps of a half-buried stone,said to be the transforme pounded yam,still exist with scattered pieces of broken utensils attesting to previous habitation at Ipole.


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